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Scholarship Program

Making a Difference

Continuing education is also important for the people of Hanover Parish. The Tryall Fund aims to provide every opportunity for Jamaicans, young or old, to realize their full potential.

The Tryall Fund strives to provide every opportunity for young Jamaicans to realize their full potential. We are committed to supporting education for outstanding academic performance. We reorganized and expanded the scholarship program, opening it to anyone as long as they are sponsored by a Tryall Club employee. This allows for a more comprehensive application process, accountability and tracking student success.

Over the past 6 years the Tryall Fund has worked diligently to provide financial aid to discerning students in high school, 6 th form, community college and university and one special gifted primary student. Given that each student maintains the academic requirements, the Tryall Fund is committed to fund each student until graduation of their present institution. An annual scholarship ceremony is held each year in August at the Tryall Club Great House to honor our recipients with family members, sponsors, Tryall staff, Tryall members, Tryall Fund board members and guests in attendenance.

Louis Cullman Scholarship
Each year a special scholarship is awarded to a student who is pursuing a career in the medical professions. Since 2010, the Tryall Fund has dispersed to students, the following funds:

The Tryall Fund has touched lives in so many ways, and this is only possible because people care enough to make the Hanover community a priority in your philanthropic giving.

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