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Success By Six Schools Program

The Tryall Fund's visionary initiative “Success By Six”, a comprehensive early intervention plan

designed to give early learners a foundation for lifelong learning, growth and self-sufficiency.

  • Process Phonics

  • Complete Nutrition

  • Stay and Play

  • Wellness Program

The Tryall Fund is committed to developing and implementing the model program, “Success by Six”, for preschoolers (3-5 years old)

and their caregivers. It encompasses education, literacy, health and nutrition. The Fund believes early intervention will give

the children of Hanover the best chance for success, and will make the greatest impact on our larger community.

The Fund adopted its first school, Sandy Bay Community Basic School (SBCBS) in January 2010.


  • Influenced 920 students, 350 parents, 22 teachers, and 6 cooks and 5 janitors.

  • Grown to a total of 6 schools that are under our umbrella.

  • Provided the children at SBCBS with a better learning environment by renovating and upgrading the existing school building and adding and renovating an adjoining building therefore doubling the space.

  • Restructured the school staff, supplied uniforms and provided on-going teacher training and built a playground.

  • Provided workshops on parenting skills, and guidance for caregivers to increase literacy skills at home.

  • Added ipads to SBCBS to enhance the learning experience.

  • Provided literacy and developmental assessments for each student, in addition to health and dental screenings.

  • Helped our Basic Schools comply with the Early Childhood Commission’s legal standards. Three of our schools were recently recognized by the ECC for achieving over 75% compliance with these standards.

  • Implemented the Process Phonics method of teaching reading into two of our basic schools with the help of a group of professionals from Syracuse, NY. This program is now fully implemented in five  of the schools.

  • Created nutritious menus, trained school cooks and served nutritious meals  that appeal to 3-5 year olds.

  • Introduced tennis with an age appropriate program.

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