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Community Development


Collaborations between the Tryall Fund; Hanover Charities, League of Champions Foundation, Jacyees International Hopewell and Hopewell Citizen’s Association; along with Nancy Maffesanti with Maffesanti Architects & Designs, who are graciously donating their services; are underway to bring positive change to the residents in Hopewell and surrounding communities.

The Orchard Sports Complex is the home of Hopewell’s most occupied sports field in the parish of Hanover. Plans are underway to create a new venue that will be best suited to host football teams, spectators, and special sporting events. Renovations of the football field, resurfacing of basketball/netball courts, erect proper fencing and the construction of a new multi purpose community and athletic center will take place in phases, with an expected completion date late 2018.

The first event took place in February, 2016 with the first annual challenge football match between the Tryall Club and Round Hill Hotel and Villas. There was a trophy awarded to the winner which will be at the Tryall Club until next year’s match. This event raised $15,000 toward the renewal of the field and the new multi purpose center.

Labour Day, May 23rd, 2016 marks the kick off of the field beautification project with new plantings along the Main Road in Hopewell.