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Thank You to the Fund from a Sponsor of three Students!

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

"Dear Tryall Fund Committee Members,

Year after year you offer scholarships and grants to students however, you may not be aware of the importance of this kind gesture. My three sponsors; Tristen, Tafari and Rodian go through alot preparing for school, maneuvering life and maintaining their grades to help prepare them for the world to come. Your donations help every year to reduce a burden most people face in silence. We would like to all say a HUGE "THANK YOU" for this kind assistance.

Words are not enough, and will never be to express our gratitude, however, we will continue to work hard (and smart) so that you all will be able to witness how your contributions aid in the success of each and every one of us.

Again, thank you and please keep up the good work, it is greatly appreciated.

Big Up to Mitsy for always assisting with the million different queries each year. You make it look easy.

Kind Regards,

Georgette Malcolm, Tristen Spencer, Tafari Wright, Rodian Gordon"

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