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1000 Stay Safe + Healthy Care Packages distributed

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

A Thousand “Staying Safe and Healthy” Care Packages Distributed!

Tryall Fund volunteers organized on site at Tryall by Tryall Fund Board members Alice Needle and Nancy Pinchas filled 1,000 carry away bags with hand sanitizer, packs of masks, forehead thermometer strips, liquid soap, face/hand cloths, and disinfecting wipes. These were distributed to all Tryall Villa and Club staff prior to Election Day, Sept. 3. Additional bags will go to the children in the seven Basic Schools of the Fund’s “Success by Six” program [ages 3,4,and 5] in Hanover Parish. The remainder of the bags will be given to the Sandy Bay Evening Clinic, open two nights a week under the auspices of the Fund . The appreciation and thank yous were immediate.........

“Good Morning. Just wanted to say thanks to The Tryall Fund for the care package for my staff and myself...God Bless you all, keep up the good work and be safe.

“Let me hasten to express gratitude for the care package received. I appreciate the kind gesture.”

“Thank you both for initiating these care packages for the staff. I am in receipt of mine and want you to know this is greatly appreciated, Thanks much.”......

Grateful thanks from the fund to Mary Campbell of Tryall Villa Management who helped sourcing all the items!

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