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You SHOP Amazon - You Donate Free!!

Choose Tryall Fund as your Amazon charity and every time you shop Amazon donates.

We would like to make everyone aware that there is something you all can do to support our charity and it doesn't cost you or your friends a cent.

I am sure that, in these times, many of you are shopping on Amazon ( perhaps you already do often). 

If you log on when you shop and choose Tryall Fund as your charity, Amazon will give 0,5% of your purchase to the Tryall Fund.

It is super easy and the prices of whatever you will purchase remain exactly the same, it is Amazon who donates to us. So, please, go on and make the Tryall Fund your charity of choice for all your Amazon purchases!

Thank you all and please keep safe and healthy!

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jothika s
jothika s
Dec 14, 2022

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