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Tryall Fund hands over $43,625,000 in scholarships, grants in Hanover

Two hundred and sixty-four students from Hanover, who are pursuing varying degrees of studies, will have one less thing to worry about come the start of the 2024 academic year, as the Tryall Fund, one of the parish’s premier charities, will be covering their educational expenses to the tune of $43,625,000.

On Thursday, the 53-year-old Tryall Fund, which has had a long history of supporting educational and health initiatives in Hanover, handed out the scholarships and grant cheques to the students at a scholarship award ceremony at the Tryall Club Great House.

The students, 38 at the high-school level, 16 in sixth form, 40 attending community colleges, 151 at the university level and 19 doing graduate studies, received scholarships and grants varying from $50,000 to $300,000.

“It is a remarkable testament to the Tryall Fund’s inclusive approach to education that 50 of this year’s recipients are adults returning to school, seeking to further their skills and knowledge for a better future,” said Carol Radtke, president of the Tryall Fund.

“We are incredibly proud of our scholarship recipients for their perseverance, dedication, and commitment to their education. The Tryall Fund firmly believes in the transformative power of education, and we are honoured to play a part in shaping the lives of these talented individuals,” added Radtke.


Anna-Lee Adams, who spoke on behalf of the high-school and sixth-form recipients, praised the unwavering commitment of the Tryall Fund, saying their investment in the education of young persons like herself has significantly impacted many lives.

“It is through your generosity that we have been given an opportunity to pursue our dreams and strive for excellence in our lives,” said Adams. “The scholarships will help us to realise our fullest potential. I am urging you, my fellow beneficiaries, to try to give back to society at some point in your lives.”

Nasheka Ellis, who spoke on behalf of the community-college recipients, expressed much gratitude, saying the grants are most welcome as they seek to better themselves through education.,

“Scholarships are crucial in helping people to overcome financial constraints in their educational journey towards their full potential, and to provide ambitious academics with the necessary instruments to achieve their goals,” said Ellis. “With these scholarships, we are no longer as financially burdened to pursue our educational endeavours as before, as now we are free to concentrate on our academics and take advantage of the chances that lie ahead.”

Radtke also used the opportunity to extend gratitude to the individuals who were extremely generous in their contributions to the Tryall Fund, which continues to change lives in the western parish.

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