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COVID 19 Tryall Fund initiatives

Updated: May 22, 2020

COVID19 TRYALL FUND INITIATIVES INFORMATION We unfortunately have to report that our 2020 Dental Mission had to be canceled; however we look forward to resuming it in the Spring of 2021 . Despite the curfew the Evening Clinic is still actively seeing patients. We also plan to continue with our wonderful “Success By Six” program in seven Basic Schools throughout Hanover Parish when school re- opens .

Our Scholarships Committee has announced that we have received

more than 300 applications this year, all online, for Scholarships

ranging from High School to College, to University and even Medical

School. We are counting on continuing to help those worthy students

who have previously been awarded our Scholarships as well as many

new applicants


The awardees will be selected this coming June and will receive our

Scholarship money so that students, all over Jamaica, may follow their

academic pursuits with our financial aid in September. You are still in

time to contribute and make a difference in the lives of many young



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