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Scholarship Program

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I want to express my gratitude to the Committee for choosing me as a recipient. It is inspiring to know that you understand the needs and hurdles that tertiary and post-graduate students face and offer your assistance in mitigating those needs and banishing those hurdles. Again, thank you.

Mechealia Rose.

2021 Awardee

Education for Those in Need

The Scholarship initiative is intended to help students, who attend school in Jamaica, realize their potential and to positively impact their communities. Since its reorganization in 2010, recipients increased from 17 to 276 in 2021.  In those 11 years we have given 1439 scholarships totaling payments of $1,435,000.   Each student has a Tryall employee sponsor who helps with tracking and accountability.


Beginning in 2019 we were fortunate to award the Wilson and Jean Tirey Sexton Scholarship to an outstanding scholar attending University. This will be awarded on an annual basis.


In 2020 we had 314 qualified students who  submitted applications directly to the committee on-line. A committee of 18 Tryall Club members and supporters  reviewed all applications and selected the  successful recipients who were  announced  July 2020.


In 2021 we have set new records. In this time of extreme need during Covid 19 and job scarcity, we received over 300 applications from students with a 3.00 average or above.  As a results of Covid restrictions , we could not hold our traditional in person  Fundraiser “Taste of Tryall”.  However , with a challenge grant from Alice Needle and Emily Greenspan , resulting in outstanding donor participation from club members and their families ,  “ Dinner at Home”, plus the generosity of guests, friends and visitors we are able to award almost $272,000 US to 276 honor students from high school to post graduate level .  


Year        # of Scholarships         $ Dispersed

2010                 17                           $29,800

2011                 21                            26,000

2012                 28                            35,400

2013                 36                            39,000

2014                 43                            43,800

2015                 53                            46,000

2016                 60                            64,000

2017                 76                            85,000

2018                130                          143,000

2019                180                          210,000

2020                242                         270,000

2021                276                         272,000


Total              1,439                    $1,435,000

No in Person award presentation in 2021. Here Sponsors collect awards on behalf of awardees.


Wilson and Jean Sexton annual Scholarship awarded

Ms. Angelique Anderson, a 3rd year student studying at the University of the West Indies is the recipient of this year’s Sexton Scholarship.
Angelique is 31 years old with two (2) children and has been able to maintain a GPA of 3.88!

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