For over 50 years, the Tryall Fund has worked to improve the health, education and welfare of the people of Hanover Parish, Jamaica.

The Tryall Fund Primary Initiatives
The Tryall Fund was formed in the early 1960s as a vehicle through which members and friends of the Tryall Club could contribute to the community health, education and welfare activities in the Parish of Hanover, Jamaica. The Tryall Fund is primarily supported by Tryall Club members, who feel a deep affinity for the Jamaican people and for the communities neighboring the Club.

This connection is cemented by the direct involvement of its wonderful and generous volunteer board and committee members. With their help, nearly 100% of the money raised goes into the charity projects. The Fund stays focused on three main initiatives, with our "Success by Six" program currently the most extensive and comprehensive.

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Major Initiatives

Success By Six

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The Tryall Fund's visionary initiative “Success By Six”, a comprehensive early intervention plan designed to give early learners a foundation for lifelong learning, growth and self-sufficiency.

Scholarship Program

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Continuing education is also important for the people of Hanover Parish. The Tryall Fund aims to provide every opportunity for Jamaicans, young or old, to realize their full potential.

Health and Wellness

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Education is not enough for the people of this community. The Tryall Fund supports several organizations, both financially and through material gifts, to impact even more & more individuals.